About us


Our CEO David Horvath founded Horvath Stahlbau GmbH in 1994 as a steel and metalworking company. Experience, trustworthiness and the high standards of our work and finished projects are the foundation of our stable and solid market position.


We continually strive to fulfil current requirements in quality, delivery deadlines and cost-effectiveness by constantly investing in various areas. Our team plans, constructs and manufactures exclusively in Austria and our in-house experts also carry out the final assembly.


In our field of steel and metal fabrication, we produce stairs, bannisters, cantilever roofs, warehouses as well as customised fabrications in very diverse styles and materials.


We take orders ranging from individual components to complete assemblies using our CNC controlled machine-park with pipe, profile and flat bed lasers, sheet metal and profile roll machines.


Our exceptional and advanced technological planning and production facility is supplemented by our indispensable modern motor pool with mobile cranes and elevating platforms, making flexible on-time completion of various commissions possible.